The VersaCoater

Ultraviolet roll coating is an important part of any commercial printing operation. One of the machines that we recommend for this express purpose is the VersaCoater, from Korea-based C&J.

This machine is a sheet fed coater and can handle thin or thick photo paper. Compatible with photo, inkjet and digital press prints, it utilizes gloss, luster, or matte Versa-Coat UV coating liquid and applies texture with embossed rollers. It can be equipped with two coating paths, which allows users to set up for running different coatings or textures without having changeovers.

If you already use the VersaCoater, we recommend using a UV roller coater feeder in order to increase the efficiency of your printing and coating work while removing chances at human error. To learn more about these feeders, please continue reading.

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UV Roller Coater Feeder Information

Reducing human error is an important part of running an efficient commercial printing operation. Hand-feeding for ultraviolet roll coating can sometimes lead to inconsistencies between duplicate items, and a reduction in the speed of production time. We recommend using a UV roller coater feeder that is vacuum operated for a reliable and consistent operation that works quickly while providing very high quality work.

Press Specialties MFG Inc.

Press Specialties is a company providing a number of universal paper feeders and envelope feeders for commercial printing purposes. We also provide paper stackers and other accessories that help print shops become more efficient and consistent in their production, as well as downloadable manuals for all of our different pieces of equipment. Much of our equipment will work with products created by major original equipment manufacturers; versatility is the name of our game.

We would like to help you and your business. For more information, or to locate a distributor near you, please contact us.

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