Vacuum Fed Feeder: Commercial Printing

For commercial printing, the best option is usually a vacuum fed feeder. Press Specialties MFG Inc. offers several Universal paper feeder options, and all use the top quality vacuum pump by Becker to power the suction.

The three Universal paper feeder options available from Press Specialties are the UF-2020 Universal, the UF-3040 Universal and the UF-4030 Universal. All three offer a number of great features, and only differ on some minor specifications which can be explained by one of our technical assistance experts. The following are the features that unify all of the models:

  • Models are factory set to accept most stock sizes without adjustment, making them extremely user-friendly
  • The user-friendly features allow for quick changes between paper sizes
  • All around sheet blowers and sheet-seeking suckers add to efficiency
  • Touch screen controls and an optional built in counter add to usability
  • The aforementioned top quality Becker vacuum pump
  • Some models of Universal feeders can also be used as an envelope feeder. To learn more, please continue reading.

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Envelope Feeder Options

Press Specialties also has a number of envelope feeder options. One we recommend is the Universal C-9000 vacuum fed feeder, which serves a number of manufacturers' products, including AB Dick, Hamada, Heidelberg, Itek, Multi, and Ryobi. The C-9000 can be used with all presses that employ conventional suckers, and works with a top-load, bottom-vacuum fed, one envelope at a time system that allows for better control.

The C-9000 allows for trouble free feeding of a wide range of stock, from small envelopes to large, and can be used for photo mailers, booklet and catalog envelopes, folded stock and card stock. To find a local dealer that can help set you up with the C-9000, please call (800) 828-0640. One of our technical assistance experts will be happy to help.

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