Universal Envelope Feeders: C-9000

We at Press Specialties MFG Inc. offer several different options when it comes to universal envelope feeders, but the top of the line option is the C-9000 Universal model. Our equipment works with a number of the leading original equipment manufacturers' envelope printing machines, including products from AB Dick, Chief, Hamada, Heidelberg, Itek, Multi, Ryobi, Toko, and Wynn. Basically, this feeder works with all presses that use conventional suckers.

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The features of the C-9000 make it an indispensible addition to your print shop. It uses a top load, bottom-vacuum fed, one envelope at a time system for better control than many other universal envelope feeders. Its versatility allows it to be moved from press to press in minutes, and has proven reliable performance at full press speeds. It can be used with coin envelopes, photo mailers, folded stock, card stock, and all normal envelope sizes.

Using this equipment alongside universal paper feeders makes for an advanced print shop. Contact us today for more information.

Universal Paper Feeders

Press Specialties also offers a number of universal paper feeders. The UF line of models is special because it is so user friendly-it is set in the factory to accept most stock sizes with little to no adjustment, making for quick and efficient in-house work.

These sheet feeders allow for easy and quick setup between different paper sizes, and offer features like all around sheet blowers, variable sucker speed, and state of the art, touch screen controls. Powered by a top quality Becker vacuum pump, these pieces are versatile and top of the line.

Finding Sheet Feeders Near You

Press Specialties will be happy to help you find a distributor near you. Give us a call at (800) 828-0640 and we will point you toward the sheet feeders you need in order to create the high quality print shop you want.

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