Using Ultra Coat for Printing

Often, coating with some sort of material is necessary in a commercial printing process. For these applications, roller coaters are often used, and Press Specialties MFG Inc. can help match you with the right roll coating machine, either directly or by putting you in contact with a distributor in your area.

One of the most effective means of coating in the commercial printing industry today is via UV coating. This ultra coat can be used for a number of different purposes.

The coating and printing process involves the application of a very thin amount of material to paper or whatever else is being printed on. If ultra coat is used for UV coating, then ultraviolet light is used to cause the reactions within the material that cause the coating to be effective. Other materials have other applications.

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Other Applications for Roller Coaters

A roller coater or roll coater machine is not only used for UV coating-it may also be used for a number of different applications within the commercial printing realm. Besides coating text or decoration on paper or a similar material to add gloss, a different appearance, or protection, roller coaters can also add other properties to the existing material.

Commercial printing isn't just paper duplication. Often, labels with self-adhesive properties are needed. A roll coater machine can also come in handy for this application, as it can add the functional material to the paper substrate. A roller coater can add a low surface energy coating to a substrate to act as a non-stick surface. The machine can also add a functional material that causes photosensitivity-this is often how photographic film and paper is created. One of the most popular applications for a roller coater machine is to add water-resistant and waterproof coatings to fabrics and paper.

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