C-9000: Universal Ryobi Feeder

Press Specialties MFG Inc. realizes that finding the right parts for your commercial printing equipment can be complicated. By creating the C-9000 Universal line of envelope feeders, Press Specialties has eliminated a lot of the guesswork involved in finding the proper printing components, because this feeder works on all presses that feature conventional suckers.

While parts made by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) work exclusively with their own larger pieces of equipment, the C-9000 Universal is compatible with all major lines, including AB Dick, Chief, Hamada, and more. The C-9000 can replace a worn out Ryobi feeder, and is top-load and bottom-vacuum fed, feeding one envelope at a time for better control while remaining quick and efficient. Errors are reduced using this method.

The C-9000 Universal can move from press to press within minutes, so you can move it from your Ryobi to turn it into a Heidelberg feeder easily if you have more than one machine. Suction cups along the bar allow for envelopes to be printed in any direction, flaps in our out, and it has versatile size specifications.

If you need a replacement Ryobi feeder, this is the piece of equipment we recommend. Contact us today to find a distributor near you.

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Heidelberg Feeder Needs

The C-9000 works just as well as a Heidelberg feeder as it does with Ryobi or many other manufacturers' lines. It can be used with coin envelopes, photo mailers, booklet and catalog envelopes, folded stock and card stock as well as with conventional, standard mailing envelope sizes, and features a single micro-adjusting jogger that allows for better registration.

With proven reliable performance at full press speeds, the Universal C-9000 feeder is what you need to keep your print shop running smoothly. Contact us for more information or to find a distributor in your area.

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