Use an Offline UV Coater

Ultraviolet cured coatings, applied over ink printed on paper, have no volatile component contributing pollution, adding gloss and protection to printed materials without an adverse effect to the environment. While this method is now an important part of the commercial printing process, it can still be an expensive proposition without the proper equipment. That is why the expert associates and technical advisors at Press Specialties MFG Inc. recommend the use of an offline UV coater.

An offline ultraviolet coating system is perfect for the digital or sheet-fed printer, because it offers an inexpensive way to easily apply and cure UV protective coatings in house. These machines are easy to install and offer a true focused UV delivery system. Look for an offline UV coater that is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency as BACT (Best Available Control Technology).

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More on UV Coating

Ultraviolet coatings generally come in a liquid form, sometimes as a paste. The page to be coated is covered with the coating, which is then exposed to the UV light, causing photoinitiators in the coating to react and create a hard, protective finish. Monomers within the coating give it gloss and hardness.

UV coating is also known as Energy Curable coating, and has the benefit of providing the best surface properties and protection for printed surfaces while being environmentally safe. No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are produced in the process of UV coating.

Other benefits lead to this being the preferred coating method in most instances. Ultraviolet coating offers greater opacity and color stability, allowing for sharper graphics and higher gloss. Curing is instantaneous, and printed materials have better outdoor resistance. The uniform surface gives labels and other printed materials a vibrant, consistent look and feel.

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